Android Developers
          This site has everything that one needs to get started with Android. The SDK and ADT Eclipse plugin can be downloaded here. There are also tutorials, an API reference, development guide, and sample code.

Distro Watch
          Interested in knowing when the next distro will be released? Then this is the site. It covers the release of recent distros, recent packages, and the up coming release dates.

Electronic Frontier Foundation
          This organization fights for rights in the digital age. Whether you're a developer or a user, they've got your back.

Hack This Site
          This site offers users a place to learn about security by completing various hacking tasks on the site. When you complete your challenges the site encourages users to attempt to hack the site itself, even offering a reward if you succeed.

National Vulnerability Database
          A database maintained by the US government containing a record of security weaknesses.

Open Source Initiative
          This organization has a list of links to open source licenses, mailing lists, and standards.

Peter Norvig
          Peter Norvig is the Director of Research at Google. His site covers a variety of topics including a lot of artificial intelligence resources. Python, LISP, and Java articles are also present.

Portable Apps
          This site is the place to go if you are looking for portable applications. This is very handy to have on a USB drive if you have to use computers without admin privileges, such as in computer labs.

Practical Cryptography
           A good resource to learn about the algorithms behind encryption.

Process Library
          Over 200,000 process and dll entries. The entries also contain a security evaluation.

Stack Overflow
          This site is useful for asking questions. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you can see all of their associated sites, which cover many topics including Java, servers, Android, etc.

Stavros' Python Tutorial
          A very time-effective way to learn the basics of Python. Check this out first when learning Python.

          This site covers the topics of Andriod, databases, severs, algorithms, Eclipse, Java, and more. If you want an in depth understanding of Andriod, I highly recommend the development guide here.

You Convert It
          An online conversion tool used to convert uploaded files from one format to another. Includes video, audio, text, some online videos, and much more.